Embracing contemporary and classical music in the everyday world

Formed by a trio of award-winning Royal Academy of Music graduates, Platform Music is a flexa-ensemble whose artistic vision is to promote the role of contemporary classical music within mainstream culture, performing in venues from train stations and schools to concert halls.



Platform Music performs in all formations from string duo to string quartet and piano and beyond. The group was founded by an international trio of Royal Academy of Music graduates: American violinist Luke Hsu, Peruvian violist Varinia Oyola Rebaza and British cellist Sarah Catherine Gait.

Platform Music has a focus on contemporary music while also interlinking their programme with works from the 11th century and beyond.

"The music being written now is often a very personal reflection of a composer’s experience of the world today. We believe this has a particular connection and relevance for us all, and we would love to give this music a bigger platform where it can reach and connect with the wonderful diverse and unique individuals who make up today’s society.
"Contemporary art and contemporary sculpture are often a key part of our public spaces and we would love contemporary music to share the same presence in our world."






American violinist Luke Hsu is 30 and from Houston, Texas. He has performed at the Wigmore Hall and Windsor Castle and for royalty around the world, including His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward and Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium. Luke is a top prize-winner in multiple international competitions, most recently the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition, and a featured young artist of The Violin Channel.